Language Blogs & Websites

This website was created as an additional reference for those learning i fino’Chamoru.  As of yet, it’s not enough to satisfy the needs of a language learner, so here are some recommended resources to supplement your Chamorro learning.

Some really good blogs to help you learn Chamorro:

  • Fino’ Chamoru blog by Aaron Matanane – Each blog post focuses on a specific Chamorro word. He gives you the definition and some examples of its usage. He also provides some mini grammar lessons as well.
  • Chamorro Language & Culture  –  A really great blog with lots of language and vocabulary lessons, but it also includes many posts on Chamorro culture.
  • Paleric blog – A wonderful blog by Father Eric Forbes. I like his blog for a few reasons. He mentions the origins of Chamorro words in his posts, and he also talks a lot about Chamorro history. The blog itself is not geared towards learning the Chamorro language but I include it here because it does include a lot of posts about the language. Also, I find I’m always learning something new on his blog.


  • – Created with the support of the University of Guam, this website requires users to register for an account, which allows users to keep track of their progress. The website provides video tutorials and includes a lot of audio examples.
  • North Star Bulletin – This is the Sunday Bulletin of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chalan Kanoa. These are the mass readings in Chamorro.

Other resources:

  • Omniglot – This site has a page with useful Chamorro phrases.