Language Blogs & Websites

Some really good blogs to help you learn Chamorro:

  • Fino’ Chamoru blog by Aaron Matanane – Each blog post focuses on a specific Chamorro word. He gives you the definition and some examples of its usage. He also provides some mini grammar lessons as well.
  • Chamorro Language & Culture  –  A really great blog with lots of language and vocabulary lessons, but it also includes many posts on Chamorro culture.
  • Paleric blog – A wonderful blog by Father Eric Forbes. I like his blog for a few reasons. He mentions the origins of Chamorro words in his posts, and he also talks a lot about Chamorro history. The blog itself is not geared towards learning the Chamorro language but I include it here because it does include a lot of posts about the language. Also, I find I’m always learning something new on his blog.


Other resources:

  • Omniglot – This site has a page with useful Chamorro phrases.